Today I’m looking at another budget-fi / chi-fi earphone. This time the KZ ZSN Pro which from Ali Express costs as little as £10. £10??? How on earth are these so cheap?? Let’s get into it!
Blon BL-05
The Blon BL-05 is the successor to the extremely popular and somewhat over-hyped Blon BL-03. There are high expectations for the BL-05 so lets check it out
I’m certainly impressed with the FiiO BTR3, as a gadget nerd and audio enthusiast, this is a really cool device and a world of portable convenience.
For the price their technical performance of the VK4 greatly exceeds expectation. For the vast majority of people listening to modern genres, looking for a cheap IEM due to budgetary constraints or needing a cheap second pair for commuting this is probably all the IEM they will ever need.